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Smart Technology Notebook Update

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Preview the new features of Smart’s Notebook version 11 coming out in the second quarter of 2012.


Embedded web browser
Insert web browsers directly onto a SMART Notebook software page and use tools to draw and write over web pages and drag and drop images into your lesson. You can also open the live page directly from within the lesson.

Activity builder
Create activities where objects react to actions by accepting or rejecting other objects or by triggering animations or sound. The activity builder is great for arranging, sorting and labeling and for creating VENN diagrams.

Enhanced contextual toolbar
Choose an object and the toolbar changes, so all the tools you need are right in front of you.

Create authentic crayon drawings on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Customized creative pen
Build your own creative pen using any image you choose.

Audio recording
Record sounds directly into your SMART Notebook lesson.

Shape image fill
Adjust the size of an image to fit into a shape.

Reset page
Use this feature to return your page to its last saved state.

New gestures
Shake objects to group and ungroup them.

Updated tables
Scale, move and interact with tables more easily.

New text engine
Provides improved text formatting and consistency within SMART Notebook.

Fade ink
Fade any regular ink.

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