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Choosing the Proper Audio Equipment – Jason Barber

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Jason Barber is an artisan –not an artist. Like a carpenter or plumber, he has a job to do. He has deadlines, project parameters and budgets just like any other working stiff and even though the product of his labor might not be as quantifiable as a toilet or kitchen cabinet (although sometimes it winds up being flushed…), it’s a commodity.

Jason has always appreciated the great “working” composers like Bach, Brahms, Stravinsky, Bernstein and Williams (John) — guys who understood that the “job” of any composer who puts out a shingle is to deliver evocative and emotive music, with the emphasis on deliver. His hope is that, through the daily practice of his craft or the sheer volume of output, he can create music that can stand on its own, beyond a transient,consumable “product”, something more permanent. But in the mean time, he has to get up every morning and get busy doing his job.

Shotgun Mics are very directional and require proximity. It is always a means of getting the microphone in the appropriate location.    (Best – most expensive)


Students from Sir Wilfrid Laurier school attending NAB. A great opportunity for students to see the industry.




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