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DSLR Video Workflow for Finalcut Pro X – Abba Shapiro

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Abba Shapiro

Abba Shapiro is an award-winning writer/producer/director with over 25 years’ experience in video and film production. His production company, Shapiro Video & Multimedia, works in every format from DVCAM to HD to 35 mm film. Abba has done work for a wide range of commercial, corporate, and federal clients, including USA Today, The Associated Press, NASA, The CW, and the Department of Defense. In addition to doing production work, Abba is a lead instructor for Apple’s Pro Video Applications Certified Training Program. He is a coauthor of the advanced editing tips and tricks book, Final Cut Studio on the Spot. He also teaches scriptwriting, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Color, Motion, and Photoshop for video at venues such as NAB, Macworld, Government Video Expo, ShowBiz Expo, and DV Expo.

via Training, tutorials & online classes by expert Abba Shapiro.

Referenced Apple’s Free 30 Day trail for Finalcut Pro 7 users. Media has to be transcoded in Finalcut Pro 7. Covering best practices for post production.


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