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NAB Keynote – Adobe Steve Forde

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Steve Forde joined Adobe in 2011 as senior product manager for After Effects, the industry-leading software for creating sophisticated motion graphics and cinematic visual effects. In this role, Forde oversees extending After Effects into new markets and workflows. Forde is an experienced executive and co-founder of multiple businesses within media and emerging technology.

He joined Adobe from Gridiron Software where he was co-founder/CEO and CTO. Gridiron develops complementary technologies for After Effects, and software for managing overall workflow in the creative enterprise. Forde grew the company from venture funding to a global operation and from a perpetual license revenue base to a SaaS model. Before Gridiron, Forde was co-founder/CEO of Creative Shack Inc. and oversaw an acquisition by Mitel Networks. Forde sits on the board of Black Cherry Digital Media.

Discussed Adobe Performance Cache concept with Fusion-io. Invest in Fusion-io.

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