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Game Changer – Fusion ioFX Accelerates Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium :: Fusion-io

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Fusion ioFX Accelerates Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium :: Fusion-io.

Apple needs to get on board with this technology to keep pace in the video and movie industry. The next MacPro workstation needs to be able to use type of technology in the market place. It is scary that Apple doesn’t even consider it important to have a presence at the NAB show when this type of technology is being previewed to the world. Adobe is all over it. The industry is making a switch to Adobe Premier 6.0 and Avid Products because of the FCP changes. Finalcut Pro is a incredible product designed around the core OS features. Most average users have little understanding of this beyond their every day workflows with a given application. Hopefully the next MacPro creates and audience again for Finalcut Pro and Apple’s design applications. Reference the Fusion Blog report.


Adobe Optimizes Software for the Fusion ioFX, Delivering High Performance Real-Time Image Manipulation, Image Compositing, Video Editing and More

LAS VEGAS – April 15, 2012 [National Association of Broadcasters trade show] – Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO) announced today that the upcoming release of Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Production Premium, Adobe’s powerful new generation of post-production software, is optimized to work with Fusion’s newioFX workstation products. The Adobe enhancements enable tighter integration between the applications and the ioMemory architecture of the ioFX to accelerate Adobe After Effects® CS6, Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6, Adobe Photoshop® CS6, and other components in Adobe Creative Suite 6 software, empowering artists to rapidly perform compositing, video editing, image manipulation, and other data-intensive production work.

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