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SMART Technologies iPad App

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May 17, 2011 – SMART Technologies.

The below is a heads up for an announcement that will be coming from SMART Technologies in May.  Many classrooms in Alberta already have iPad’s and have struggled with how to use them with the SMART Board.  The information provided here should be of assistance with this challenge.


SMART Notebook software app for iPad® to be announced in May

This May, SMART will announce the release of the SMART Notebook software app for iPad, slated for release in Q3 of the 2012 calendar year.

The new app supports personalized learning and provides teachers and students with the benefits of SMART Notebook software for seamless transitions between whole-class, small -group and individual learning in classrooms with SMART solutions and the iPad.

Features of the SMART Notebook software app for iPad include


•          File open – open an existing file or create a new one

•          Page sorter view – view pages and add or delete pages

•          Zoom/pan gesture – use two fingers to adjust your view

•          Multiple languages – supports Spanish, UK English, French, German


•          Image insert – add images from the iPad camera roll

•          Pen tools – includes four colors (red, green, black, blue) and a highlighter (yellow, green)

•          Object control – delete, rotate, move, scale


•          Save to iPad, sync with iTunes®, or e-mail out

•          AirPlay®-enabled – share iPad screen via Apple TV®

The suggested list price for the SMART Notebook software app for iPad is US$6.99, and will be available for purchase from the Apple® App Store.

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