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Alberta Education – Provincial Microsoft Licensing

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Alberta Education’s previous Provincial Microsoft License (PML) and Operating System/Enterprise Client Access Licensing (OS/ECAL) agreements expired as of May 31, 2013. The current agreement, which started June 1, 2013, includes the same software products but is structured in a different way.  Instead of having two agreements (PML and OS/ECAL), these are combined into one Provincial Microsoft Licensing Agreement with two enrolments. The two enrolments within the Master Agreement are 1) eDesktop and 2) Microsoft Office.  Combining the two agreements into one has achieved further cost savings for the education system.

Under this agreement, all publicly funded education authorities (including publicly funded private schools and Early Childhood Services operators) will continue to have access to Microsoft Office licenses at no cost.  Those school authorities who have opted for the eDesktop enrolment will be responsible for the cost of the Operating System/Enterprise Client Access Licensing (OS/ECAL) components.  Additionally, certificated school authority staff will have the opportunity to participate in the Home Use Program to purchase a copy of Microsoft Office Professional at a highly discounted price.

Detailed information about accessing the software included in the PML Agreement, as well as the Home Use Program, is available here.

via Alberta Education – Provincial Microsoft Licensing.

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