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JAMF: Casper Suite 9.3 released

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Last Wednesday, JAMF software announced the latest version of its Casper Suite, a end-to-end Mac and iOS deployment and management suite that is used in both education and enterprise environments.

The update largely focuses on new enterprise management capabilities that Apple first detailed last month. Those updated features include the zero-touch Device Enrollment Program for iOS devices purchased in bulk be an organization and updates to Apple’s Volume Purchase Program that allows organizations to license Mac and iOS apps, deploy them to users on organization-owned or BYOD devices, and to revoke the license from a given user and reassign the related app to someone else.

Also included in the update were additional features for Casper Focus, an app that allows a single user like a teacher to manage what is displayed or available across a range of iOS devices such as those in a classroom or in a retail setting where they might be used to display product information or act as POS systems.

via JAMF: Casper Suite 9.3 released.

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