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VR Tour Reflection from 20 years ago. Quicktime VR

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Virtual Reality describes a range of experiences that enable a person to interact with and explore a spatial environment through a computer. These environments are typically artistic renderings of simple or complex computer models. Until recently, most VR applications required specialized hardware or accessories, such as high-end graphics workstations, stereo displays, or 3D goggles or gloves. QuickTime VR now does this in software, everywhere QuickTime is Apple’s QuickTime VR is now an integral part of QuickTime, it allows Macintosh and Windows users to experience these kinds of spatial interactions using only a personal computer. Furthermore, through an innovative use of 360 panoramic photography, QuickTime VR enables these interactions using real-world representations, as well as computer simulations.

Before you contine “please” refer to the following pages before beginning your tour. CTK’s tour was completed by a number of different students using a Quicktake 200 Digital Camera, Adobe Photoshop, Quicktime VR Developers Software, and Kaidan’s Kiwi+ Tripod Stand. You must download Quicktime before you begin!

via Welcome to The CTK VR Tour.

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