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iOS Download Grading

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Here is an interesting article discussing the steps involved in down grading to iOS 7.x version migrating to iOS 8. This begs the bigger question of the effectiveness of the Total Cost of Ownership for iOS devices in education. Not much can be said about a two – three year old iOS device not being able to run the latest iOS smoothly.

One needs to take some time to reflect on the investment in iOS vs OSX based on the latest migration requirements for these devices. Laptops or OSX devices developed by Apple have had a self life of anywhere from 5 – 10 years in terms of a device being able to run the latest operating system. Now school districts are faced with implementing equipment that is 2 – 3 years old that can not run the latest iOS very effectively. The bigger concern is the entire App developer community is moving forward with the feature development on iOS 8 leaving behind the devices that can only run iOS 7.

I am not sure if k-12 education can afford to keep up with the innovation curve when it comes to portable wireless devices. I am also not sure that BYOD programs which transfer the burden to students and parents is the way to go either.

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