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JNUC – Jamfsoftware Users Conference 2014-2015 – Tuesday Day One

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Tuesday – Day One – Guthrie Theatre – Minneapolis – St. Paul

Keynote Speakers

Chip, Wudi and Zach reviewed the JNUC and company success over the last 10 years. Zach and Wudi discussed some major enhancements to the JSS workflow.

1. Distribution Server 2.0

2. Personal BYOD Enrolment Features

3. Bushel Project

4. Patch Management Automation

Home of Jamf Nation.

Session One

Way’s to avoid the Dreaded “M’ Word

Session reviewed a Austrian University workflow for maintaining and deploying OS and iOS equipment. They created a number of automated scripts to inventory and setup initial hardware without giving access to the JSS. Interesting scripts and Self Service workflows to deal with roaming users and printer setup. They chose to have local admin accounts on the teacher laptops for a variety of reasons.

Session Two

JSS REST API – The Key to a Better Night Sleep

Session reviewed the JSS API interface and the use of the API coding to reduce redundant tasks in the JSS. Has significant potential for third party integration to enhance the JSS functions on the network. Code examples going to be released as Open Source on the Jamf Nation List Serve. Look for the RADAR project code as an example.

Session Three

You Have a Friend in BYOD Programs

Pixar staff discussed the workflow for engaging staff with BYOD. Moving IT into a new era of not getting in the way of the company staff to enhance productivity. Working towards a common goal an building trust and clarity in regards to why and how the IT staff are managing devices on the network.


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