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Canada’s Third Apple Distinguished School

Congrats to Ecole DrB for being selected as an Apple Distinguished School. School administration, teachers, students and ICT Support Teachers have done a great job. Keep posted for the rest of the story. 15 years in the making and two ADEs later.

Technology Visioning and Planning

Alberta Education – Flexible Pathways to Success: Technology to Design for Diversity

Every student brings a unique assortment of strengths, challenges and preferences to the learning environment, and schools across Alberta continue to strive to support success for all students in inclusive classrooms.

Flexible Pathways to Success: Technology to Design for Diversity is an Alberta Education research project involving five school authorities (Fort Vermilion School Division, Rocky View School Division, Prairie Land Regional Division, Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic Separate School District and Lakeland Roman Catholic Separate School District), the University of Alberta and the School Technology Branch of Alberta Education. As members of a community of practice, these partners are exploring how technology can support and strengthen engaging inclusive learning environments in junior high classes whose students have a distinctly wide range of skills, abilities and challenges.

This project began in January 2013 and is planned to run until September 2015. It will culminate with an online multimedia website, including research findings, stories, images and video. The website will help guide school authorities in using technology to create flexible learning environments that support students who have a wide range of learning needs.

For more information, contact Karen Pedersen-Bayus at 780–415–0839. To be connected toll-free inside Alberta, dial 310–0000

via Alberta Education – Flexible Pathways to Success: Technology to Design for Diversity.

Google Summit 2014

Google Summit 2014.

Scott MacDonald’s Google Summit summary blog.

Quest A+ for CRC by Exam Admin on Prezi

Quest A+ for CRC by Exam Admin on Prezi.

Alberta Education online exam overview.

Three-year Education Planning Workshop – January 2010

Three-year Education Planning Workshop – January 2010.

What’s the data on education in Alberta?